Episode 182

The many sounds of Nigeria w/ Lucky Benjamin

Join us for a captivating episode featuring our guest Lucky Benjamin, a talented musician from Nigeria. Dive into the rhythm of his early musical journey, the vibrant tapestry of the Nigerian music scene, and much more. It's a melodic exploration that unveils the rich heritage and diverse influences shaping his musical prowess. Don't miss this insightful conversation!


  • Nigeria has a vibrant Afrobeat scene with frequent events happening in different states.
  • Local music can be best enjoyed in clubs, where the atmosphere is lively and energetic.
  • Lucky Benjamin has worked with both gospel and hip-hop artists, showcasing his versatility as a music producer.
  • The church Lucky attends has a high production level, attracting some of the best musicians in the country.
  • Nigerian gospel music often has an American sound, showcasing the influence of different musical styles.
  • Listeners can explore Lucky Benjamin's work and connect with him through his social media channels.


00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

01:21 Discussion on Nigerian Music Culture

02:21 Lucky Benjamin's Music Background and Inspirations

03:19 Influence of African Sounds on Lucky Benjamin's Music

04:15 Lucky Benjamin's Musical Journey and Teaching Experience

07:06 Different Sounds in Nigeria

09:29 Continuation of Music Career after High School

10:13 Studying Geophysics and Continuing Music

14:05 Changing Perception of Africa and Nigerian Music

15:44 Prominent Nigerian Stars and Dominant Music Genre

19:40 Afrobeat and its Origin

21:06 Impact of Afrobeat on Global Music Scene

24:15 Africa's Economic Boom and Perception Shift

25:30 Local Music Scene and Upcoming Artists

26:57 Afrobeat Events in Nigeria

28:02 Enjoying Local Music in Clubs

29:30 Working with Gospel and Hip-Hop Artists

30:04 Versatility as a Music Producer

32:05 The High Production Level of Lucky's Church

33:54 The American Sound of Nigerian Gospel Music

35:27 Lucky's Social Media Channels

36:14 Closing Remarks

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