Episode 160

Music Doctors: SarahRose and Andrew

Our guests for today's episode are Dr. SarahRose Black and Dr. Andrew Ascenzo. Dr. SarahRose is a certified music therapist and registered Psychotherapist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Kensington Health (Hospice) in Toronto, Ontario, currently specializing in music-centered psychotherapy in cancer care with palliative, hematology, general acute inpatient populations, and long-term care. Dr. Andrew is a cellist, conductor, teacher, composer, and musical director. He has designed a new concert genre along with Dr. SarahRose, combining live performance with narratives of the power of music in health and well-being. Their current project, "Pulse: Stories from the Frontlines of Music and Medicine," will occur at 918 Bathurst on September 14th, 2023, at 7:30 pm. Today, we connect with Dr SarahRose and discover what great things she has been up to since our last conversation. We also learn about Dr. Andrew's musical beginnings, the upcoming concert, and more!

Click here for more information about their upcoming event.

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