Episode 146

The Recipee Band: A Perfect Blend of Musical Talent and Infectious Energy

In this episode of The DNA Airwaves podcast, we're thrilled to introduce you to The Recipee Band, a powerhouse collective of musical talent hailing from Toronto. Juwayon Clarke and Omar Lunan join us as we delve into the remarkable journey and diverse influences shaping this extraordinary group. With a combined experience of over 20 years in performing, arranging, producing, and mixing, their contagious energy and extensive repertoire have made them a highly sought-after choice for local and internationally touring Canadian acts.

You can join them on May 25th at the Don on Danforth, where The Recipee Band will set the stage ablaze with their electrifying live performance. Alongside them, we have the incredibly talented Kim Davis, O'sound, and Patricia Shirley, promising a night of unforgettable musical moments that will leave you craving more. (Click here for ticket info)

Please tune in to this episode as we uncover the secrets behind The Recipee Band's constant quest for musical growth and staying current while remaining rooted in the rich origins of various genres.

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